Monday, April 26, 2010

Just one of THOSE days

Yesterday morning started off pretty good.  We were all snuggling under the covers when I said "HEY- Doughnuts!"  Michael and I used to go out for doughnuts every once in a while before the little one arrived.  When she was a newborn and we were up to our eyeballs in spit up, diapers, and sleepless nights we would talk about how great it would be when she slept through the night (check), and not dealing with reflux issues (check) so that we could go out more, and do things like get doughnuts on a whim.  Yesterday morning she slept in until almost 7:30 (bliss), so we decided to head out in our pajamas and get doughnuts.  It was so fun, that is-until we locked the keys in the car.  We tried breaking into our own car, but inevitably had to call a locksmith to un-do the damage.  30 extra minutes, a baby who was starting to get hungry and tired, and $35.00 later we were back in our car!  We had little mishaps through out the day (just one of THOSE days), but we weren't letting it get us down!  We did laundry, baked cookies, and played with the baby....then, when everything was cleaned up for the night, and the baby was sound asleep in her crib.... I so gracefully managed to drop a container of juice all over the floor!  After it was cleaned up Michael & I were laughing trying to figure out how long I stood there, staring at the container of juice as it quickly emptied its contents onto our floor.....let's just say it was a while.  The good news is the floor got washed, and that hasn't been done since, well....before our "little one "arrived.  No matter how the day goes, we are always thankful that we have each other!