Monday, February 28, 2011

Things I'm loving....

Things I'm loving....

Little girls who read to an audience of stuffed animals

Little girls who love early morning cartoons

Big, Beautiful "morning" eyes

Little girls with high top pony tails

and little girls who look adorable in spring time jean skirts....

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hand made

I've been playing around with different sweater patterns lately, and it's been fun!  However I have been looking for the perfect, light weight, sweater shell for Ingrid, and couldn't find a good pattern-so I decided to create one for myself, and I LOVE how it turned out!  I used a combination SC/DC stitch to create a puffy look, added little sleeves, and a couple of mushrooms.  I think there might be a few more of these in her future....


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What could be better?!

Check out who is rockin' the itty bitty french braid!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

18 months

February 16th, 2011
18 months ago I held you for the first time.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cupid's Birthday

I love Valentine's Day.  Not in the cheesy romantic, give your girlfriend flowers way (although, I like that too), but in the pink, red, pastries, tu-tu's way.  This year, on Cupid's birthday, I made Ingrid a tu-tu.  She danced.  We decorated cookies.  She ate.  And we got lots of hugs.  We loved.  Here are some photos!

If you want to see some really awesome cookies, check out my friend Erin's blog

We got a special Valentine's Day card from a certain someone...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dear Blog,

Oh, how I have neglected my blog lately.  To be honest, I'm pretty lethargic when it comes to "updating".  Being a stay at home mom of a busy 1 year old I find myself just wanting to sit down and relax when it comes to Ingrid's nap time.  But it's Saturday, Michael and Ingrid are coloring-and I am sitting down to pay some attention to a new post.  

We are living life steadily over the past couple of months.  No new earth shattering news, happenings, or events.  Much of life seems to be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday,...repeat.  And I am totally okay with that.  I appreciate all the small moments through out my day.  Ingrid has been changing and learning so much.  I could go on and on and on with cute stories of things she has said, done, and learned-but I would keep you here all day if I did that.  Just a quick recap of her brillance: 

New favorite words:
Einstein (she is a Baby Einstein fanatic)
Catch (when we play catch)
One, Three, Five (she is learning to count all the odd numbers first)
Blue, Purple, Pink (colors she can say, and even recognize!)

Michael is busy looking for a job...still.  It's hard not to become a little dishearten.  However, we know that in the right time, the right job will present itself.  In the meantime, I am trying my best not to feel so displaced.  We are applying for jobs all over Minnesota, with most of his applications in the metropolitan area.  However, I can't shake my strong distaste for the "cities".  Yes, I love Minneapolis & St. Paul.  But like I've said before, I hate cookie cutter everything.  Why can't he just find the perfect job in Northfield?  That's all I ask.  Is that too much?  Anyway, on a separate note: my spring/summer is starting to fill up with photoshoots, which is awesome!  We are thinking more and more about baby #2 (maybe later this year...?)  and what that would mean for our family.  But most of all, I am just appreciating where we are at in life.  I love that I have a smiley face to pick up every morning that says "Hi mama!"  I love that I have a greatful, hard working, best friend that comes home to me every night.  I love that my parents are just a phone call (and 1 minute drive away) to come play with Ingrid (or feed us dinner).  So there ya go.  That's my Saturday morning recap.  

I will leave you with some recent photos I took when we went to the Mankato Mall.  Ingrid was SOOOOO excited to sit on the horsey.  When she realized it moved, she was ALL smiles.  It melted my heart.  

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jason, Larissa, and baby-to-be-announced

Want to see more of this....?

Or this......

What about this...?

Then check out this link!

Baby Isaiah

Do you want to see more photo's of this little bundle of joy?  Then check out my photo blog (link below)!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

I had to share.....

Who doesn't love newborn photo's?!  I was searching the "world wide web" today and came across this photo, I thought it was SO STINKIN CUTE.  I just wanted to share (click on the link below).  It gives me some fun idea's for whenever Michael and I choose to bring another life into this world.....

Bear-y Cute!

Tomorrow I have a newborn shoot for a very cute little boy, and I couldn't resist the urge to whip up this cute little "bear" hat for the session.  I can't wait to see him wear it!!

Stay tuned at for upcoming photos!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Check out her blog!

Yesterday, my friend Rosa shared this link on facebook.  It's a birth story from a woman who writes beautifully.  If I hadn't been surrounded by people as I read it, I would have been weeping like a baby.  After you're done reading it, fixing your eye make up, and throwing away all the kleenex's- check out the rest of her blog.  It's pretty awesome.  Enjoy!