Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's Paula Deen's fault.

I called Michael this morning while he was at work to say "Let's decorate for Christmas tomorrow".  In response I got a laugh....the kind of laugh that you do when you try to keep the crazies calm.  Anyway, he thought I was insane, but said we could.  But alas, with this warmer weather I decided to save our christmas decorating for another day...specifically next weekend if it's cold enough! (I love christmas, and want to enjoy my decorations longer then just 1 month!)  It all started yesterday when my mom bought me a Paula Deen christmas magazine.  I love that woman (I'm talking about Paula, but I love my mama too).  Since I flipped through the pages I've been day dreaming about garland, eggnog truffles, and christmas tree's.  It really is my favorite time of the year!  So instead of diving in with the christmas celebrations this weekend, I decided just to satisfy my taste by making some puppy chow, or as I like to call it, Snow on the Mountain (not really, I've never called it that before....but I think it works!)  

Tis' the season ya'll (she says with a Savannah twang')