Saturday, June 25, 2011


It's Saturday night, and the clouds have finally broken-sunshine pours through to let us know that the sun still exists, and that with tomorrow-comes renewal.

Last night after the rain broke, we played in the yard.  We chased balls, rolled in the grass, and looked at clouds.  My heart fills with elation when I watch my daughter play and discover the world around her.  I can't help but have those moments of wow-I created her-and here she is.  She is growing.  She is learning.  She is forming her own opinions about the world around her.  With toddler hood comes more opposition, and I welcome it with open arms.  This might sound strange, but I love to watch her during time-out. Even if it's her 4th time out in a row and she has black and purple crayon remnence imbeded in her teeth (crayon consumption is often the culprit of time outs), I love to watch her sit there and have a chain of events unfold that look something like this:

2 year old acting extra cute
2 year old becoming agitated
2 year old yells
2 year old tries to get up and run away
2 year old breaks down
2 year accepts her punishment
2 year old hugs, kisses, and says "I sorry"

As I watch her go through these stages I rejoice that she is becoming her own individual, full of passion, full of opinions.  I love that she knows what she wants.

I love summer (when is shows up)...

My co-creation hard at play...

The day ends with this....