Saturday, June 18, 2011


This past week has left me feeling nothing short of failure.  I know we've all been there.  Be it hormonal after my lost pregnancy (btw-talk about a hormonal roller coaster), or my realization of the gaps in my ability-I have felt the sting of failure.  It goes something like this....

Why couldn't my body keep this pregnancy?

Why don't I do crafts every day with Ingrid?

Why did that new recipe suck?  Maybe I suck.

Why can't my art be what I want it to be?

Why is Ingrid's frustration being played out in bigger and bolder ways?

Why have I never taken my child to a water park?

....and so on.  You get the point.  The heart and mind don't always agree, and sometimes my heart is illogical.  I know I am a good mom, but I also know I have weakness's.

So in honor of the challenge I faced this week of not feeling like I'm doing enough, or being enough-I decided to make a short list for the remaining month of June.  I am challenging myself to take on new experiences as an individual and as a mom, and here they are.

1.  Once a week I will attempt to do a craft with Ingrid.  This week, a kitty face.  I plan on making it out of a paper plate, construction paper, and pipe cleaner.  If you know of any good craft sights for kids-share please!

2.  I will take Ingrid to a NEW park, instead of the same one we always go to.

3.  Weather permitting, I will fill up the pool and let Ingrid play in it.

4.  We will turn off the TV more, and turn on music more.

5.  Library, once a week!

6.  We will not obsess over Ingrid's eating habits.  Dinner time will be fun, and we will not equate our ability as parents based on what she will and won't eat.

I think I made myself a very doable list.  It's hard for me, a routine girl, to step outside of our routine and experience new things- little as they may seem.  But it's important.  As for this girl.....she is increasingly full of spunk, pep, and anything else a cheer leader might have.  She is doing just fine.