Friday, June 18, 2010


I don't know what it is about today that is making me remember so many little details about the day I gave birth. Maybe it's because I realize that in 7 short weeks, I will have a 1 year old.  Maybe it's because as I drive by the hospital I can't help but look in the window where I spent 22 long hours laboring.  Maybe it's because tomorrow I get the pleasure of meeting our friend Andy's wife who is due with their first baby in a few weeks.  Whatever the reason, I have been reminiscent all day long.  I'm remembering what it felt like the moment we pulled into the hospital parking lot ("Finally we are here, that 5 minute car ride felt like hours!").  I'm remembering telling the nurse during my contractions that I would much rather be eating pie then doubled over in pain (it had been hours at that point, delirium had set in).  I'm remembering what my daughter's face looked like the moment I first laid eyes on her (she was pretty pissed, but oh so cute).  I'm remembering talking to my mom for the first time after I gave birth (that conversation is a bit hazy, I was really out of it). I'm remembering our first moments completely alone together, as Ingrid looked up at me and locked eyes in a dead stare for several minutes (bliss). I'm remembering all the long, hard, wonderful days that would follow in our first weeks together.  Whatever the reason for my reminiscence today, one thing is true: I will NEVER forget that day!

WARNING: In the weeks ahead as I am thinking about my Ingrid Nightingale's birthday there might, but most definitely will be some increasingly sappy posts.  You have been warned.