Thursday, May 5, 2011

My growing girl...

To say the last few weeks have been hectic is an understatement.  Amongst all the commotion, I am over whelmed with how quickly Ingrid is growing.  I say this all the time,but she is really turning into such a little girl.  From baby to child.

-Yesterday was the first time she really showed interest in picking out her own clothes.  I took her to her closet and she scanned her wardrobe a few times before deciding that without a doubt, it was a day for her purple sweatshirt and colorful skirt (thankfully she didn't show the same wardrobe indecisiveness her mother does).  

-While I always swore I'd never be that parent who tells everyone about their child's potty training habits, I can't help but be super excited that for the first time earlier this week she intentionally used her potty!!  (although in the past there have been "grab the naked baby and stick her on her potty quick" unintentional moments)  We were so excited, however Ingrid was a little annoyed with the whole process.  You would think she would be really elated at her accomplishment, but I think she was irritated that we weren't just cleaning up her mess for her...

-The other day I was sitting on the living room floor and she had a piece of food she no longer wanted, so she handed it to me and said "Here ya go!".....I love that little sentences are forming.

Growing up SO fast!

Ingrid in her outfit she picked out.

Yesterday Ingrid had her first fever.  She has a very "all or nothing" type personality, so it was no surprise that her first fever was not mild.  We rushed her to urgent care when it topped 104.00 last night.  The doctor checked her out (gave her a throat culture-which was painful to watch) and sent her home recommending Tylenol,  ibuprofen, and cool baths.  We put her to bed around 10pm, only to here her wake up 30 minutes later struggling to breath.  She was making a horrible barking noise when she breathed.  We flew out of the door and headed to the ER.  To make a long story short: 2 hours of horrible screaming, blood work, a shot, nebulizer treatments, an up right X-Ray (which by the way looks like a torture device), and one very tired girl later we were home.  The only thing she wanted was her momma, she clung on to me for dear life!  Both Michael and I fought back tears to watch all this happen to her.  Luckily she is okay, and we are very thankful for that.  She finally got to sleep last night around 12:30 last night (or this morning rather).  She is still asleep, so we are praying for a day of rest and recovery!

Before her fever sky rocketed to 104 last night we took a few pictures of our little sicky.  Who would have thought that even with such a high temp she was still acting perfectly normal.  What a trooper!

I love that she is taking her baby's temperature (on the right)!  What a good little mommy!