Monday, May 31, 2010


From my whopping 9 1/2 months of parenting experience, it seems that things happen in waves with child development.  One morning, they can just wake up and do a new trick!  I love the spontaneity.  It's been a pretty big week for Ingrid.  For months now she has been a rolling maniac.  I haven't sat still since January.  She can make it from one end of our house to the other in seconds, but today she crawled for the first time, it was so exciting to see!  She was pissed as hell when she did it, which made it even a little more cute.  We had some toys in front of her that she desperately wanted her hands on, so we watched her get more and more frustrated until she catapulted herself forwards to get them.  Is that mean? :)  Since this morning she has been scooting her little body all over the place!  I can't believe how quickly things change!  She also started saying mama really well the past few days.  Not just in coherently babbling "mama", but really saying it directed towards me.  Also, if we say to her "Ingrid, can you say mama?" She will repeat it back to us (tear).  She can also imitate Michael when he says "YUM" after she is done eating!  She coughs on demand, claps, waves, does "Soooo Big", turns the pages when we read her books, and play's's just getting more and more fun to be her mommy!