Wednesday, July 20, 2011

All things birthday

Well, two of my favorite days of the year are quickly approaching-Michael and Ingrid's birthday!  This weekend we are having two parties for Michael (I'm shooting another wedding in between), and in a few short week's is Ingrid's party!  For Ingrid's party we are doing a shabby chic kitty theme, I can't wait!!  We are making a trial version of her kitty cake in 2 weeks, and our sweet friend Erin is making shabby-chic kitty cookies, and there is no doubt they will be amazing!!  I am making several paper flag banners and paper flowers for decoration....I'm starting to think that because I never had a "typical" wedding that I am party planning crazy for birthdays.....a few photo's of our projects.

Michael's paper flag banner...(in batman colors)

During Ingrid's nap today I cut out ALL the triangles for her multiple banners...all stamped with a TWO!  Can't wait to assemble them!

REUSE!  I am saving the hole punchings from the flag banners to use as shabby chic confetti for her birthday tablescape!

Last but not least, her (not-so-shabby-chic) birthday invitations!  I can't believe she will be two soon! It goes two quick! ;)

In other news:  Check out Laura DeMars Photography for a taste of last weekend's wedding!  (PS- Laura DeMars Photography OFFICIALLY has our own domain!)

Happy Wednesday!