Sunday, June 26, 2011

Burrito's and Kiddo's

Okay, I am always searching for a good vegetarian burrito recipe, and since Burrito Loco is an hour away I must figure out how to do it myself.  Needless to say this recipe will be on the menu this week...

In other news, check out my latest session with sweet little Danika!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


It's Saturday night, and the clouds have finally broken-sunshine pours through to let us know that the sun still exists, and that with tomorrow-comes renewal.

Last night after the rain broke, we played in the yard.  We chased balls, rolled in the grass, and looked at clouds.  My heart fills with elation when I watch my daughter play and discover the world around her.  I can't help but have those moments of wow-I created her-and here she is.  She is growing.  She is learning.  She is forming her own opinions about the world around her.  With toddler hood comes more opposition, and I welcome it with open arms.  This might sound strange, but I love to watch her during time-out. Even if it's her 4th time out in a row and she has black and purple crayon remnence imbeded in her teeth (crayon consumption is often the culprit of time outs), I love to watch her sit there and have a chain of events unfold that look something like this:

2 year old acting extra cute
2 year old becoming agitated
2 year old yells
2 year old tries to get up and run away
2 year old breaks down
2 year accepts her punishment
2 year old hugs, kisses, and says "I sorry"

As I watch her go through these stages I rejoice that she is becoming her own individual, full of passion, full of opinions.  I love that she knows what she wants.

I love summer (when is shows up)...

My co-creation hard at play...

The day ends with this....

Monday, June 20, 2011

This week's Mama Craft: Fabric Rosette Flowers

So once summer hits I tend to trade in my crocheting hooks for outdoor play-so I guess my crafting bug hibernates for the summer, but as I was perusing blogs this weekend I came across this tutorial for fabric flowers.  I said to myself "Self, break out your hot glue gun and give it a try"...and I plan to do just that.  I hope to get to it sometime this week....I'm not sure what I would even do with these fabric flowers-but they're so cute, right?!  I'm thinking hair clips...stay tuned.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


This past week has left me feeling nothing short of failure.  I know we've all been there.  Be it hormonal after my lost pregnancy (btw-talk about a hormonal roller coaster), or my realization of the gaps in my ability-I have felt the sting of failure.  It goes something like this....

Why couldn't my body keep this pregnancy?

Why don't I do crafts every day with Ingrid?

Why did that new recipe suck?  Maybe I suck.

Why can't my art be what I want it to be?

Why is Ingrid's frustration being played out in bigger and bolder ways?

Why have I never taken my child to a water park?

....and so on.  You get the point.  The heart and mind don't always agree, and sometimes my heart is illogical.  I know I am a good mom, but I also know I have weakness's.

So in honor of the challenge I faced this week of not feeling like I'm doing enough, or being enough-I decided to make a short list for the remaining month of June.  I am challenging myself to take on new experiences as an individual and as a mom, and here they are.

1.  Once a week I will attempt to do a craft with Ingrid.  This week, a kitty face.  I plan on making it out of a paper plate, construction paper, and pipe cleaner.  If you know of any good craft sights for kids-share please!

2.  I will take Ingrid to a NEW park, instead of the same one we always go to.

3.  Weather permitting, I will fill up the pool and let Ingrid play in it.

4.  We will turn off the TV more, and turn on music more.

5.  Library, once a week!

6.  We will not obsess over Ingrid's eating habits.  Dinner time will be fun, and we will not equate our ability as parents based on what she will and won't eat.

I think I made myself a very doable list.  It's hard for me, a routine girl, to step outside of our routine and experience new things- little as they may seem.  But it's important.  As for this girl.....she is increasingly full of spunk, pep, and anything else a cheer leader might have.  She is doing just fine.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday's Link to awesomeness.

I've been too busy to blog-and for that I'm thankful!!  I am so thankful to watch my photography business grow-I am so humbled that anyone would even show an ounce of interest in my work.  Actually, I am overwhelmed (in a really healthy way) with the weight of what it means for someone to trust you with photographing their, wedding-engagement-newborn-family etc...It's not something I take lightly.

I want to share an awesome decorating link with you, but first I want to share this with you, how cute is she?!

Change of subject.  My aunt sent me a link to this website today-and it rocked my world.  If you're a lover of the shabby-sheek look, then this is for you.  I have a gift card burning a whole in my pocket to The Painted Porch, and I fully intend to knock of one of these ideas (I'm thinking the ladder!).

It's the 2nd Tuesday of the month, which means we are off to celebrate our Bohemian-ness at the Pizza Ranch with the rest of the member of the Owatonna CSA.  It pays to be married to a gypsy folks.  

Monday, June 13, 2011

Engagements, Babies, and Pregnancy-OH MY!

Check out Laura DeMars {Photography's} latest blog postings!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I'm all sorts of excited about this- my new business LOGO!  That's right-it's all legit!  Check out Brooke at B.Schroht Designs!  She did an awesome job and I am thrilled!  Happy Dance!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Our weekend

Oh my goodness did we have a busy busy weekend!  We are really not used to that, I like structure, order, consistency-and this weekend was anything but that!  In the midst of running around everywhere-we managed to have a lot of fun!

Friday: my parents babysat Ingrid while Michael and I had our doctor appointment with my OB.  We left feeling encouraged and like we have a little more closure.  Apparently, I am a weird case.  The doctor said they only see what happened to me maybe every few years!  We will never know what truly happened, but it is probable that I had a tubal pregnancy that naturally flowed out the end of my fallopian tube and miscarried.  The other, less probable-but still-an-option thing that could have happened is that I had a normal miscarriage and a burst ovarian cyst at the same time (but really, what are the chances??).  Either way, the doctor wants us to wait a few months to start trying again (TMI?).  I need time to let my body really heal.  We are okay with this.  It's still disappointing though, we wanted our kids 2 1/2 years apart-and that's exactly what they would have been.  Now are kids will (hopefully) be between 2 3/4 -3 years apart.....Lord wiling.  Next time I will be brought in for an early ultrasound because I have a 10% chance of having another ectopic pregnancy.  We are, hopefully, looking forward to an uneventful summer.

Friday night was followed by pizza with my parents, and Ingrid putting on quite the show for us.  She learned to say "Octopus" (which sounds like "ot-to-pus"), and instinctivly took in all the applause and took a bow.

Saturday:  the morning was spent at the Farmer's Market looking at home made items, listening to Cabin of Love, and having adult conversation (well I did at least, Michael chased Ingrid around).  I got a chance to talk with a family friend who also happens to be an amazing photographer-so I learned lots and I can't wait for all my upcoming photo shoots!!  We also had a picnic in the park, and Ingrid (who rarely can be held down, even to eat) actually enjoyed it!

Saturday afternoon was spent at my friend Emily's parents house.  I did a photo shoot with her boys (if you want to see the photo's, go here), and I loved how everything turned out!  Later we had fun in the pool and a great dinner, it's so nice having some friends in town!  Saturday night we got to see my sister and Ben, and Michael and Ben went to a late night showing of X-Men, which I couldn't be more thrilled about because that means I don't have to see it!

Sunday:  Morning breakfast with the entire family, afternoon lunch with the in-lawed family, and finally a relaxing afternoon at home.  Phew!  I need a nap!...seriously though-I really do.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Logan & Brayton {Kids session}

Wanna see more of this??

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Isaac Hougas, fresh from the oven {newborn session}

Wanna see more of this?

....and I know you do!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Finding normal again

This weekend was the closet thing to "normal" that we've experienced in the past month.  After a month long cancer scare with my mom (which included two nasty surgeries, one of which was just done at Mayo) that ended up in relief, a tubal pregnancy turned miscarriage, and numerous health problems with Ingrid and myself, we finally had, what felt like, a normal weekend.  We hit the memorial day parade- and Ingrid went wild with glee at the sight of all the "twucks", and then when her almost 2 year old "ants in the pants" hit we high tailed it over the The Village of Yesteryear, her favorite place to explore.

It felt good to grill out, enjoy walks, and play with side walk chalk.  Like maybe everything will feel normal again really soon.  Yesterday I had a blood test again and my doctor told me my HCG levels are down to 3.  Even though I already know that I lost this pregnancy, it felt like a knife in the heart.  Three.  Last week they were in the 200 range.  Hearing that is like reality hitting you again, this really happened.  I have a doctor appointment on Friday, and we're hoping for encouraging news, maybe it will be safe to plan for a baby again in the future. Until then....I will soak up every bit of sunshine with Ingrid, and enjoy every moment of being the mother of one.