Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thrifty Store Finds

I love autumn.  I equally love winter.  So naturally I love a good sweater.  Yes I realize it's slightly ridiculous to blog about a sweater (and a necklace...thats coming)-but this is a really good one! And best of all, my 1 year old (I can say that now!!) picked it out.  We were strolling through the aisles of the Salvation Army, Ingrid, desperately trying to attack every garment within her arms reach,and me, trying to get her to keep her extremities inside the confines of her stroller, when it happened.  Ingrid would NOT let go of this sweater.  Upon closer examination I realized why....it was the perfect sweater.  Warm, hand knitted (okay, not really-there is a Kmart tag), I'm guessing circa 1975, and screaming "take me home".  I foresee a lot of happy memories together in our future.  Thank you Ingrid Nightingale, for finding me the perfect sweater.  (as for the necklace, I way overpaid for it, but am obsessed with any jewelry wooden, or hand beaded with leather-and I heart it)