Monday, June 6, 2011

Our weekend

Oh my goodness did we have a busy busy weekend!  We are really not used to that, I like structure, order, consistency-and this weekend was anything but that!  In the midst of running around everywhere-we managed to have a lot of fun!

Friday: my parents babysat Ingrid while Michael and I had our doctor appointment with my OB.  We left feeling encouraged and like we have a little more closure.  Apparently, I am a weird case.  The doctor said they only see what happened to me maybe every few years!  We will never know what truly happened, but it is probable that I had a tubal pregnancy that naturally flowed out the end of my fallopian tube and miscarried.  The other, less probable-but still-an-option thing that could have happened is that I had a normal miscarriage and a burst ovarian cyst at the same time (but really, what are the chances??).  Either way, the doctor wants us to wait a few months to start trying again (TMI?).  I need time to let my body really heal.  We are okay with this.  It's still disappointing though, we wanted our kids 2 1/2 years apart-and that's exactly what they would have been.  Now are kids will (hopefully) be between 2 3/4 -3 years apart.....Lord wiling.  Next time I will be brought in for an early ultrasound because I have a 10% chance of having another ectopic pregnancy.  We are, hopefully, looking forward to an uneventful summer.

Friday night was followed by pizza with my parents, and Ingrid putting on quite the show for us.  She learned to say "Octopus" (which sounds like "ot-to-pus"), and instinctivly took in all the applause and took a bow.

Saturday:  the morning was spent at the Farmer's Market looking at home made items, listening to Cabin of Love, and having adult conversation (well I did at least, Michael chased Ingrid around).  I got a chance to talk with a family friend who also happens to be an amazing photographer-so I learned lots and I can't wait for all my upcoming photo shoots!!  We also had a picnic in the park, and Ingrid (who rarely can be held down, even to eat) actually enjoyed it!

Saturday afternoon was spent at my friend Emily's parents house.  I did a photo shoot with her boys (if you want to see the photo's, go here), and I loved how everything turned out!  Later we had fun in the pool and a great dinner, it's so nice having some friends in town!  Saturday night we got to see my sister and Ben, and Michael and Ben went to a late night showing of X-Men, which I couldn't be more thrilled about because that means I don't have to see it!

Sunday:  Morning breakfast with the entire family, afternoon lunch with the in-lawed family, and finally a relaxing afternoon at home.  Phew!  I need a nap!...seriously though-I really do.

Happy Monday!