Sunday, January 2, 2011

Molars and More!

Just a quick update, just to clear my joggled thoughts....

The past few days my happy, energetic, outgoing, 16 month old has been anything but normal.  Everything is a cause for a fit.  Now, we're not talking normal 1 year old "tantrum" type behavior, but more so just overly fussy and winey.  I have gone through my check list:  well fed, well rested, healthy, lots of what could be the cause?  Yes, molars.  Let me be more specific...TWO YEAR OLD MOLARS.  What?!  She hasn't broken them through yet....but I've been in denial that she could be teething since she has all of her teeth until she is 2 years old.  However, Ingrid has always gotten her teeth in really fast and early (first 2 teeth at 16 weeks old!!).  I'm sure it will be a while before they pop through, but she is most defnitley working on them.  Poor little chip munk cheeks.  I am just working on patience, extra hugs and understanding, and teething rings!  :)  Wish me luck.

On another note:  How long have we lived here now....2 weeks?  We are already planning our next move.  Don't act surprised...we move a couple times a year (or so it seems).  We won't be moving until our lease is up (in 6 months), but we are thinking about living out our nightmare......a move to the CITIES.  Yes, it's true.  It is our nightmare.  Both Michael and I lived in Minneapolis and Roseville for a while, and it was our personal hell.  The congestion, floods of traffic, cookie cutter everything.....makes me a little sick to even think about.  BUT it's time Michael finds a "real" job, complete with health insurance and a 401k.  So we are begining our job search in the metropolitan area....we will have to see if anything comes out of it.  We have already started our pro/con list: and on the list of "pro's"....

-more education opportunities for our children 
-more education opportunities for me (when I go back after the babies are born and in school)
-more "stay at home mom" activities (i.e. science museum, MOA, Como Zoo, Walker Art Center etc...)
-maybe an opportunity to find a "church" (and i use the term church loosely)
-many more job opportunity's for Michael
-more opportunities to find midwifery care (for when we decide to have more littles)

All right, so the list can go on and on...I will save my "con" list for another time, but ultimately we just pray for the right opportunities for our family.  Who knows what the future will bring....