Sunday, July 31, 2011

Earring Holder

So I created a list of "to-do's" this week-among many mundane tasks on the list like finishing up packaging CD's, organizing my closet a fun little earring holder project.  I found many amazing tutorials on awesome shabby chic earring holders, but frankly-I have a (almost) 2 year old that I would rather be spending time with, and during many of her naps I am working on photography tasks....but this tutorial on a tree branch earring holder looked perfect-in fact, I think Ingrid could definitely help me with this project-which is even better!  Hopefully next week i will have a finished project to show off!  Happy Sunday everyone!

(A few picture updates-PS, in the last few pictures Ingrid figured out how to ride her "bi-ci-ca")

Friday, July 22, 2011

Thursday Night, Concert in the Park

We had SO much fun last night at our town's weekly "concert in the park". Cabin of Love played, and it was awesome-it makes me feel like maybe there is an ounce of culture in this town (don't get me wrong, I like it here--sometimes I just get frustrated with the lack of interest)  Ingrid had a blast too, she was busy dancing all night long-and she didn't care one bit that she was the only one in front of a crowd of people...she danced and danced and danced.  I accredit all the Justin Beiber video's she has been obsessed with lately.  Girlfriend can break dance.  A few photo's of our night...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

All things birthday

Well, two of my favorite days of the year are quickly approaching-Michael and Ingrid's birthday!  This weekend we are having two parties for Michael (I'm shooting another wedding in between), and in a few short week's is Ingrid's party!  For Ingrid's party we are doing a shabby chic kitty theme, I can't wait!!  We are making a trial version of her kitty cake in 2 weeks, and our sweet friend Erin is making shabby-chic kitty cookies, and there is no doubt they will be amazing!!  I am making several paper flag banners and paper flowers for decoration....I'm starting to think that because I never had a "typical" wedding that I am party planning crazy for birthdays.....a few photo's of our projects.

Michael's paper flag banner...(in batman colors)

During Ingrid's nap today I cut out ALL the triangles for her multiple banners...all stamped with a TWO!  Can't wait to assemble them!

REUSE!  I am saving the hole punchings from the flag banners to use as shabby chic confetti for her birthday tablescape!

Last but not least, her (not-so-shabby-chic) birthday invitations!  I can't believe she will be two soon! It goes two quick! ;)

In other news:  Check out Laura DeMars Photography for a taste of last weekend's wedding!  (PS- Laura DeMars Photography OFFICIALLY has our own domain!)

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Some days I take 5 photo's, some days I take 0-and other days I take 100.  Today was a day so filled with the simple enjoyment of just being with Ingrid, that I think I heard my camera's shutter yawn.  I just love being her mom.  Simple as that.  I love the hugs & kisses, the time outs, the obsession with Princess and the Frog (or as she says (Pee-as an Fwog), and her ability to put a smile on my face by just being herself.

Today's photos....