Friday, July 16, 2010

Dear Paul Bunyan... looks like for the time being we will be staying in Minnesota.  I think I will always dream of Portland or Seattle.  Maybe someday we will end up there.  For now, I couldn't be more thrilled to have Grandparents close by....and oh yeah they make great BABYSITTERS!  We have also decided to be content with where we are. You can live whatever lifestyle you want, whether you are in Portland....or North Platte, Nebraska (anyone who knows me KNOWS I loathe that state).  So we are excited to once again start composting, gardening, and living a life of simplicity (I say that as I type on my desktop computer, listening to background noise made up of the History Channel and buzzing air conditioners...).  

I love Minnesota...and I always will.

Elissa & Marc

What'd I say?  I'm playing catch up in the blogging world!  

A few weeks ago a shot engagement pictures for my old friend (like, since diapers "old") Elissa and her fiance' Marc.  This was by far one of my favorite photo shoots!  We had so much fun being creative and enjoying the process (and can I just say...a deer tanning company is a horrible spot for a photo shoot....try to look cute with thousands of deer carcasses laying 2 feet from you)!  Marc & Elissa will be married in December, and there is no doubt they are a match made in heaven.  

Again...a few of my faves.

Eric & Beth

This past week has been crazy!  In between planning yet another move, planning my baby's 1st birthday party, and all the other little tasks that life has, I've hardly been able to update!  

This past week I "second shot" a wedding in Owatonna.  Yup, this really is something I love!  I swear my camera has become a second appendage in the past year.  

Here are a few of my faves....

Congrats Eric & Beth!