Thursday, March 3, 2011


Our friend Andy Johnson is a super talented musician and writer.  Recently he, his wife, and their adorable baby girl moved do Des Moines where he is part of a childrens ministry.  He recently wrote two "jingles" and entered them into contest.  One, is for Chapstick, and the other is for Salsa Sensations (a Wal Mart salsa).  He made is to the finals for both of his jingles!!!  We are asking our friends and family to please vote for him everyday!  If he wins he gets a cash prize...and I believe his jingle would be on a commercial too!  This is a big deal!  Go here to vote for his chapstick video and go here to vote for his salsa sensations video He totally deserves to win!  You can vote everyday until the contest ends!  DO IT!!!

New Do

After much debate I decided to finally chop the long locks.  I've had the same long layered hair since I was 16, so we were majorly due for something different!  My goal was to avoid the postpartum chop, and now that Ingrid is well on her way to 2 I figure I am in the clear.  I forgot to take a before picture but we figured it was about 9 inches off!.......Ingrid and I were being goofy, and Michael snapped these pics.  I love the mid length inverted bob!  Change can be good!