Sunday, November 28, 2010

Harvest Holiday

This thanksgiving my parents took our entire family (sister and boyfriend included) up to Grand Marais, Mn.  It was an awesome vacation!  We didn't even have to jump out of any gondola's (for those of you who don't know, last year on our trip up to Lutsen we went on a gondola ride.  The gondola broke down, and we got stuck for a few hours until finally being emergency evacuated by jumping out.  This wouldn't have been so scary had we not had our 3 month old baby with us!...) 

We couldn't believe how much easier the trip was this year compared with last year.  Like I said, last year Ingrid was 3 months old-so the trip included bringing a TON with us to accomodate Ingrid, a lot of stops to nurse, a lot of fact I'm still a little stressed just thinking about it.  This year Ingrid was 15 months, and she did wonderful on our car ride, which surprised me a lot considering she is constantly on the move.  We got up to Grand Marais (an 8 hour car ride) with ease.  She slept great,  She ate well.  We overall just had a blast.  We can definitley tell that Ingrid has a spirit that will chase adventure.  She loved being in and exploring a new place.  Did I mention we had our own private condo equiped with a full kitchen, fireplace, and beautiful view of the lake?  It rocked!

It was so cold out that we didn't "do" a lot of anything, which was just fine with me.  Ingrid got to spend tons of time with her Aunt Mary, and even learned to say her name! (Mare-mee)...which most definitley made me tear up!  We had a great time with Ben, my sister's boyfriend-he's pretty much the and it's always a good time when he's around.  We enjoyed spending time together, watching movies, going on walks, and sharing our thanksgiving meal.  
Here are a few photo's from our trip!

Me and my babe thanksgiving morning...

Ingrid loved her new toy we got her for the car ride...can you tell?!

This was Ingrid expression going through the made me laugh!

I love Duluth...

Finally at the resort!


Where it all went down

The rest of these are snap shots of beautiful Lake Superior..