Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My first crochet pattern!

I am soooooo thrilled with myself.  I made it my goal this winter to teach myself to crochet.  I knew how to do simple stitches (the wrong way), and that was it.  After watching different You Tube video's I've slowly been learning the right way to crochet.  BUT today I made a big accomplishment.....I crocheted a slipper from a pattern!!  No video's, just me and the pattern!  I am patting myself on the back for this!  It really is like teaching yourself a second language.  It was a pretty easy pattern, but I'm convinced that I can now move on to bigger and better things!  Here is the finished product:

(Again, this was a dry run-so I didn't even put a button on the slipper.  I did however, have a need to embellish with floral.I will post the link to the website I used!