Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My favorite pajamas

I love when Ingrid wear's these pajamas...they just scream "cuddle me"  (good thing she is such a snuggle bunny lately!)

Walking to mommy....(she is getting better and better everyday.  Just the other day she walked from the living room into the dinning room!  It's weird....and wonderful!)

Home Made Floor Cleaner

For a few years now, Michael and I (okay, really just Michael) have been making our own home cleaning products.  It's amazing that you can make everyday products like floor cleaner, window cleaner, and even oven cleaner from ingredients in your own pantry.  I am sharing the recipe we use for home made floor cleaner, and best of all-it will hold up to even the most obsessive clean freak (pointing fingers at myself)!

1/8 cup liquid dish soap (we like to use method, or seventh generation)
1/2 cup of white vinegar
1/2 cup of very strong peppermint tea

Mix ingredients well.  Add a few tablespoons to hot water, crank up the tunes, and clean the house!

(one of our favorite things about this recipe is that it is non-toxic and won't aggravate my husbands asthma, also (and this is a BIG plus) if little hands happen to get into it, the most it would do is give an upset stomach.  No need to call poison control if ingested!  Although we wouldn't recommend drinking it....)