Thursday, August 19, 2010

She's 1!

Well, it really happened.  My "not so long ago" newborn is ONE!  The day came much faster than I could have anticipated.  One moment I'm cradling a tiny baby, the next moment she is shoving cake in her mouth and walking half way across the room!  Here are a few pictures from our celebration!

We made our little 1 year old a lady bug cake!!  It's safe to say it's my favorite cake EVER.

An "old fashion candy" bar...(if' you've never tried circus peanuts, don't bother!)

Some one LOVED her cake...if you can't tell (we had a major sugar rush to deal with afterwards)

Wearing the "1" shirt mommy & daddy made her...

Opening up her presents (or chewing on them, rather)

We took her to the bagel shop for her birthday breakfast!

She loves her car/walker/thingy.  (She's getting pretty good on her own too!)

My dear Ingrid Nightingale, you're 1!!

are the funniest child I know
always want to please others
wake up with a smile on your face
say "mama" and "dada"
say "HI" to every stranger we pass
say "YUM" when we feed you
answer with saying "ah-none-none" when we ask you how old you are (which is ONE in baby talk)
love animals
love children
walk across the room
are strong willed
a snuggler
love cheese
love apples
love pizza

You...are my joy!  
Happy big 0-1 Ingrid Nightingale!