Thursday, December 9, 2010

2 years ago

Two years ago around 1pm, I was sitting on my couch watching Television, when I had an overwhelming feeling that I was not alone.  I don't mean this figuratively, but very literally.  I felt my stomach and had an instant inner knowledge, that I had been blessed with a child.  Michael was busy at school, taking a final-when I anxiously drove to Wal Mart, my hands tightly gripping the steering wheel so that I would stop shaking (shaking in a good way, mind you).  I bought a pregnancy test, drove home, and took it.  I stared at that little pink stick, when within seconds I saw TWO lines appear.  Two.  I was in an instant state of shock.  I couldn't believe that it really happened, I was really pregnant.  Minutes later I took another test, and that too, was positive.  I called the number on the back of the box so that I could hear the recording say "If you see two lines, no matter how faint the second line is, you are in fact, pregnant".  I'll never forget those words.  I started to hyperventilate (again, all in a positive way), and pace around my tiny apartment.  I must have called Michael 20 times over the next two hours, even though I knew I wouldn't get ahold of him.  Why I choose to take the test without him there, I'll never fully understand!  I think that I was planning on saying something like "See, I told you I wasn't pregnant".  But the outcome was very different.  Finally, after what felt like days, he called me back and I said.."So I took a test, and it has TWO lines....TWO!"  He asked what that meant and I said..."It means you're pregnant".  We were so, so, so, thrilled.....and the rest is history.  

(Oh, besides the fact that later that afternoon I went to the doctor's office to take a blood test-I guess I just needed a doctor to tell me that the 4 test's I took didn't lie!)  

Here's to my precious Ingrid Nightingale!