Sunday, June 13, 2010

Andre & Tuesday

Before my sweet Ingrid was born I was a recreational picture taker.  However, her existence has sent me into the world of a patholgical picture taker!  Ever little glance, every smile, every frown-I feel the need to capture it all on film.  That's the heart of a parents I guess (Thank God for digital cameras)!  It has turned into a little hobby for me.  This weekend I shot a wedding as the assistant photographer to my good friend and photographer Ruth.  I had the fun job of capturing all the candid photo's, what a blast (and really, how hard could it be to photograph a couple this gorgeous)!  I would love for this little hobby to turn into a bigger hobby!  Looking ahead, I get to shoot a friends son's "1 year pictures" (wait....does that sound violent??), as well as some engagement photos, and another possible wedding in August.  

A few of my favorites...

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