Friday, October 22, 2010

14 months ago

I was looking through Ingrid's baby photo album tonight, and as I concentrated on the photo's of us in the hospital, I felt as if I were actually there, holding her for the first time.  That feeling of pure euphoria overcame me.  Then I flipped to the page when that euphoria and been blanketed by sleeplessness.  I found this picture of Ingrid's first bath time.  She was 1 week old, and I had gotten a total of about 6 hours of sleep that whole week (which is a generous guest-imation).  It's hard to believe that she spent so much time crying, not eating, and not sleeping.  Today she is a happy, energetic, toddler-and it's so easy to forget the reality of that first week home.  The way I look in this picture pretty much says it all...


  1. The picture says udder exhaustion but yet so happy.

  2. 14 Months! Doesn't seem possible! What a sweet new momma & new baby photo. I remember emailing with you all those months ago as you were just beginning the journey of motherhood & I was anticipating the arrival of our little one. What a blessing!