Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hints of Spring...

If you're from Minnesota, then you probably agree with me that 39 degree's means springtime, rain boots, and morning/afternoon/evening walks (because we can't get outside ENOUGH).  We had a little family walk after dinner last night, and though it was short lived, it was amazing to get outside and just move!  It wasn't quite 40 degree's, so when the wind hit, it was still a little chilly for Ingrid.  Actually, I don't think she gave a rat's tushy, I just didn't want her to get too cold (since it's next to impossible to get her to leave her mittens and hat on!).  It was so cute (and sad), as soon as we turned around to go home, she just cried!  She loves being outside.  I can not wait until the snow melts and I can run around outside with her.  I've been looking everywhere for size 4 rain boots, and have yet to find any....so maybe a Sal. Army trip is in order.....Here are some photo's that my husband took of me, Ingrid, and my mama.  Now affectionately known as "Kee-Kee" (Yes, that is kitty, and she is known as Kitty to Ingrid...."you know what they say about chips..")

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