Thursday, September 15, 2011

T-Shirt Necklace Tutorial

So earlier this summer we were browsing the Farmer's Market, as we do every Saturday, and there was this little girl selling the cutest T-shirt necklaces.  I picked out a grey one to match my 11 grey sweatshirts (seriously, it's a problem-therapy is needed) and I have worn it almost every day since.  I found a tutorial online so I could make a really chunky one myself-and today I finally got around to it.  Sure it cuts of my air supply when I move my head forward, but no pain no gain, right?  Here is a picture of the one I made, and here is a link to do one up yourself.  Happy Thursday!


  1. So cute! And I love the expression you are making in this photo!

  2. this is great--ive been wanting to make one of these with a few of my old t-shirts, checking out that link now. also, loving your style--the colors are perfect!