Saturday, September 29, 2012


We've been getting a lot of questions lately from friends and family members in regards to visiting us after our sweet little bundle arrives....(and seriously, I've been asking everyone when it will happen-as if their opinion will actually become fact...come out baby!!)  I thought I would just share a few of our preferences before little sister arrives to avoid any confusion on the other end of things.

We have decided that since our time in the hospital will be so short (and due to it being the start up of cold & flu season), that we will only be having our immediate family members (siblings, parents, & grandparents) visit us in the hospital.  Gone our the days of a being able to rest and recover in the hospital for a week....oh how I would long for that!  

We also have decided that the best thing for our family is to take our first week home to rest, recover, and bond privately as a family of four. We want to give Ingrid the time she needs to adjust to a new sibling, and I am sure it will be an adjustment!

We are so thankful for everyone sharing in our excitement and we can't wait to have everyone meet baby #2!

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