Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

(so, it's rare that I'm actually "wordless")

11 weeks

18 weeks (even though my doctor said she couldn't tell the gender, I knew this baby was a girl after seeing her on the screen!)

So next time around, we will wait longer to do the 3D ultrasound, but even though Ingrid Nightingale (then known as "Edith Winter") was still a bit alien looking-she was adorable.  Waving, sucking her thumb, squirming around-and still refusing to tell us that she was for sure a girl!)

32 weeks (I can actually tell by her facial structure that this is for sure the same baby I gave birth too-it's all in the profile!...oh yeah-and the enormous head size)

38 weeks pregnant (and only 12 days away from meeting my little miracle, Ingrid Nightingale)

(Okay, so what'd I say about being "wordless")
With Ingrid's birthday just a few days away, my mind is constantly flooded with memories about her birth, and the days leading up to it.  Looking back at this ultrasound pictures reminded me of my very last ultrasound, done at 39 weeks.  I didn't get any pictures from this ultrasound, but distinctly remember as the last time I got a look at Ingrid before she was born.  My entire pregnancy I was completely clueless that at the end of the journey there would be a REAL baby (okay, so obviously I knew that I was going to give birth to a baby, but it being my first pregnancy, and I had such a hard time actually comprehending how there would be a real child-it doesn't quite make sense to our human minds).  The closer I got to my due date (which I never actually met), I slowly began to realize that soon we would be having another member of our family.  During this ultrasound at 39 weeks we got a really good look at Ingrid-her cute button nose, forehead, lips, high cheekbones, and what sticks out most in my mind-her wrists.  A weird thing to remember right?  Wrists?  She was busy waving her little arms around and she had a good amount of newborn fat on her wrists.  I just saw these plump little arms that met these tiny little hands with the cutest fingers protruding from them.  For some reason, at that moment I knew that there was a real baby in there (the constant kicking and feet in my ribs didn't quite tip me off :).  And 6 days later, I got to meet her!  

(disclaimer: in the future I promise to be more "wordless")

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