Tuesday, December 14, 2010

3 Words

I love how quickly Ingrid changes.  It feels like in the past 3 months she has just exploded with maturity.  She no longer looks like a little baby, but much more like a toddler.  She loves to play ring around the rosey, and will come grab Michael and I's hands and start spinning around.  She loves to sing "Eee-I-Eee-I-OOOO", and I often here her singing that from her crib.  This past week she learned 3 new words, which a ton in 1 week!! She is really adding to her verbal repitoire...

"UP"-she will run up to us, put her arms in the air, and say "UP! UP!" (followed by a "please" when coached by the parentals)

"HOT!!"- I love that she knows this word.  She will run up to the oven and yell "HOT".  The other day I was holding her and we looked at the candle and she said "HOT"...which is soooo cute because I never even told her what it was or that it was hot.

"GO!"- she loves to climb up the stairs...and we yell "Go Ingrid, Go Ingrid, Go Ingrid, GO!".....until she started doing that herself!  Now whenever she climbs up the stairs she yells "Go Go Go GO". 

On top of the new words she has learned this week, she is also responding in communication in so many ways!  It's amazing how she can understand what we are really saying.  If you say "Ingrid, it's bedtime" she will put her index finger over her mouth and say "shhhhh".  When you say, "Ingrid-please turn off the TV" she will do it!  

I just love the constant changes in development-and I am really getting a feel for what it's like to have an "older" kid.  Next up, we plan on tackling the potty training issue.  We think she is beginning to understand the correlation.  Does anyone have advice and tips for potty training a girl? From best age to start to how to get her to be not afraid of the potty....I want to know it all!  Please share!

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